Nearby help

The resource list below has been compiled in hopes of connecting the MCWS Youth community and their parents with additional support in times of need. Each category contains a list of mostly local resources designed to assist individuals and families with care related issues. The resources range from non-profit organizations and Muslim counselors to general support options offered in the local community.

Mental Health

Help Lines:

  1. Naseeha: (866)-627-3342
    • They provide workshops to youth across North America, web therapy sessions, and offer texting mental health support 7 days a week
  2. Stones to Bridges: 
    • Addressing the pressures of Muslim youth and their needs  as a means to promote their emotional, social, and mental well being. They provide a platform where youth can freely and comfortably express and address their struggles and concerns.
  3. National Suicide Prevention Helpline: 800-273-TALK (8255)
  4. DWIHN  (Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network)
    • 24 hour Crisis Line: 800-241-4949
      Phone: 313-344-9099     TTY: 800-630-1044

    • Eligibility criteria: Medicaid and case by case uninsured individuals. 

    • An organization that provides a full array of services and supports to adults with mental illness, individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, children with serious emotional disturbances and persons with substance use disorders.

  5. National Child Abuse Hotline: 800-799-7233

Find a therapist:

“Have you ever asked yourself, “Should I go to therapy?” If so, do you even know where to start? What questions should you ask when interviewing therapists? How do you know if it is a good fit? Once you start, how do you know if it is working? This multi-part FYI Therapy Guide will help you find answers to those important questions!”

    1. Michigan Muslim Mental Health Directory:
    5. Call your insurance company and ask them to email you a list of accepted providers.
Diversity and Inclusion
  1. Anti-racism –
  2. Disabilities –
  3. Returning Muslim/Convert/Revert:
Parental Resources
    • Strengthening and empowering individuals, families, and communities through research and education.
    • The goal of Family Dawn is to provide a portal of information for concerned parents and couples seeking knowledge in the areas of parenting and marriage.
    • The Peaceful Families Project (PFP) is an initiative with international reach that recognizes domestic violence is a form of oppression that affects people of all faiths. Our mission is to work towards ending all types of abuse in Muslim families by increasing awareness regarding the dynamics of domestic violence.
    • (540) 324-8818
    1. The mission of Muslim Wellness Foundation is to reduce stigma associated with mental illness, addiction and trauma in the American Muslim community.
    2. (267) 571-1730
Other Financial/Resource Needs
  2. Muslim Center of Detorit weekly soup kitchen and grocery delivery. See website for details
  3. Goodwill Industries of S.E. Michigan
  4. Zaman International 
    • (313) 551-3994
    • Zaman offers a variety of services for low income families including: vocational training for women (sewing, culinary skills, and English language learning), Refugee family assistance, single mother with children assistance, food, clothing, and furniture assistance. Additionally, they offer monthly free food distribution (open to all and publicized for on their social media pages), and access to their thrift store (by appointment only due to COVID).
    • Eligible for food and clothing assistance: Single women with children, poverty scale, refugees in US less than 6 months. Offer monthly free food distribution open to community (publicized on social media). Thrift store open to all but must make an appointment, culinary, sewing and ELL vocational training open to all but bust meet low income criteria
  5. Plymouth-Canton Community Schools – The Clothing Closet
    • Provides FREE clothing to families in need. Our goal is to provide the needy children in our school district with clothing that is similar to the apparel of their peers at school. Who is eligible to receive clothing? Families and individuals in the community demonstrating financial need are eligible for free clothing. Students and families can be referred by any school staff member. Members of the community can be referred by a local agency such as the Salvation Army, United Way, a mosque or other agencies that deal with human welfare services. Clients with referrals must make an appointment by calling the Clothing Bank telephone number. They do not take “drop-in” clients.

    • Salem High School: 46181 Joy Canton, MI  48187
    • Phone: 734-416-6179
    • [email protected]
    • Website

  6. The Salvation Army (734) 416-1925

  7. The Furniture Bank (248) 332-1300
Insurance/Medical Care
  1. Medicaid Application:
  2. MI Bridges: A streamlined and dynamic application/resource finder for multiple programs (food assistance, child care, healthcare, cash assistance, emergency relic, WIC): 
  3. Huda clinic:
    • This organization provides FREE Primary Care, Dental Care, Mental Health Services, Vision Care, and Specialty Care for those who are uninsured and underinsured.
  4. Dental:
  5. Dental:
    1. Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Healthy Kids Dental Program
      • Across the state of Michigan, Healthy Kids Dental is available to children who have Medicaid and are under the age of 21. And finding dental care is easy with HKD, because eight out of 10 dentists across the state accept it. Dental coverage at no cost to you.
      • Website
Substance Use & Addiction Support
  1. Alano Clubs of Michigan directory-
    1. AA is a fellowship of people dedicated to recovering from alcoholism. Alano Clubs were founded in order to give AA groups a more permanent place to meet
    2. Find your region and contact phone number
  2. Al-Anon Family Groups
    • A support group setting for teens impacted by a family member’s alcohol use. 
  3. Codependents anonymous
    • A platform that promotes healthy relationships while allowing members to be honest about their personal histories and codependent behaviors. 
  4. Food Addicts Anonymous
  5. Narcotics Anonymous
  6. Nar-Anon Family Groups
  7. Rehab Center
Virtual Support Groups and Online Resources
  1. AMALY
  2. Nasiha Counseling offers Free Community Support Groups sign up sheet
  3. Sujood
  4. Peaceful Families Project