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Our committees provide opportunities to give back to the community while building relationships and vital life skills.

Volunteer Committee: Giving back to our world.

The volunteer committee provides opportunities for youth to give back ,locally and contribute to the southeast Michigan community at large. Our purpose is to serve Allah through helping His creation and to bring communities together for the sake of Allah.

Islamic Programming Committee: Inspiring young Muslims

The Youth Islamic Programming committee  plans and organize events that inspire Islamic growth. Our life journey is to serve Allah (Swt) and follow our Prophet (Pbuh). As a committee, our goal is to empower our community members to excel in their Islamic journeys. 

Brothers Athletics Committee: Competing for good.

As an athletic committee we are responsible for hosting various sports and fitness oriented events/programs for the young brothers of Canton. We aim to create an avenue where youth meet one another and bond through sports. The goal is an environment that promotes competition and brotherhood. We are always looking for anyone who has a passion for sports, fitness, or just wants to get more involved in the athletic side of MCWS Youth.

Young Professionals Committee: Inspiring thought about life, religion, and career.

As  young professionals we work to give  the opportunity to engage in programming geared at cultivating a sense of community through Islamic principles and practical real life application. Our goal is to serve the College+ age demographic in a way that is pleasing to Allah and beneficial to anyone involved.

Sisters Athletics Committee: Building sisterhood through sports

The Girls Athletics committee aims to foster sisterhood among MCWS high school and college girls through events that involve being physically active and promote a healthy lifestyle, yet still provide space to socialize and build bonds. We believe that a healthy mind, body and soul are all necessary in building a strong foundation for one’s life.

Brothers Social Committee: Creating purpose through connection.

The aim of the Brothers’ Social Committee is to provide a safe space for anyone who walks through our doors. We seek to create opportunities for youth to make friends, meet mentors, and engage in beneficial experiences that will bring them closer to Allah.

Sisters Social: Creating purpose through connection.

The Girls’ Social committee works to foster sisterhood and community involvement for MCWS high school and college girls. We do this through events that allow girls to meet friends in fun and exciting ways that we hope will lead to lifelong friendships!

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